We Solved The Problem of High Priced Traffic and Unresponsive Leads Once and For All Time

            Generating Leads Can Be Done Consistently Across Multiple Lead Acquisition Channels, and with a Consistent Cost!


We generate email leads for Business Opportunities, Internet Marketing, Personal Development, and Health & Fitness Niches. We advertise our lead generation forms on thousands of syndicated websites. We use Text Links, Banner Links and other strategic ad placements across all of our channels!

Every time one of our traffic campaigns generates a fresh lead we instantly test how they respond to each of our niche offers.  Once they respond to our offer, and are qualified through our engagement and response criteria, we then refer the cultivated prospect over to your lead generation forms for you to capture.


We are so good at these MASSIVE traffic partnerships that we can pass the savings to you and GUARANTEE a low cost per responsive lead we send your way.

Each lead is tested for your niche, and the traffic referred directly to you in REAL TIME. That's the secret to getting fresh Active Leads that will engage on your email message sequences. You only pay for the results…THE LEAD!

When you know exactly what you are paying per lead, you will be able to budget better and scale faster, without having to test multiple traffic channels ever again.

Since your new lead never left our publishers website, they will not be traffic in your system unless your email sequence engages and gets them to take action. If you have an effective email follow up campaign you will do well. Repeat we trap the traffic at our publishers website to get the lowest cost, highest impact results. You get the lead using your autoresponder code. All you need to go is get them to take action.

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