Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Become A Publisher?
You may apply and be considered to be a publisher. Our syndication manager will contact you if your site fits our demographic audience profile, and is the type of traffic we currently need.
Can I place more than one order for different campaigns?
Absolutely. Simply go to our Get Started page and place another order. If you have large orders of over 1000 leads, please contact us directly first.
Can I send my own traffic to the lead capture page that you host for me?
No. We do not allow other traffic to our hosted pages because our hosted pages are coded to unique traffic campaigns and syndicated publishers who provide us with that traffic, and are tracked accordingly by our system.
Do you have an affiliate program?
The short answer is “not at this time.” When one does become available, we will announce it on our site. Please check back in the future.
Do you host the lead capture page for me?
Yes. First, we do require that you provide us with the website URL to your lead capture opt-in form. We will consider the message content and web copy you have on your page, and match it up with our own lead templates, which are coded for our automated traffic distribution system, which sends our traffic directly to your lead capture page. Think of us helping you manage all the traffic, and you receiving the benefits of getting real-time leads as a result.
How Long Does it Take for My Order to Start?
Assuming we receive all the correct information from your order form, we can start your campaign in as little as 1 business day. The campaign will complete based on your order size. You will receive a tracking link to follow the delivery of your new leads from our media buy campaign. You will know exactly when the campaign starts and when it is completed.
Is This Legal?
Yes, this is permission based email marketing and is completely compliant with your autoresponder service provider. We do absolutely nothing that will violate your autoresponders terms of service, because the traffic is from real people who are landing on your lead capture page and requesting information directly from you. We do recommend using email sequences(or autoreponders) and always warming up(cultivating) your leads so that they get to know your name, identity or brand. This helps create long term value and makes your list even more responsive.
What countries does the traffic come from?
Unites States, Canada and England. The majority of our traffic will be US based. There will be some leads from other countries because people travel, etc. 99% of all leads we capture will be from English Speaking tier 1 countries.
What type of traffic am I buying that generates these responsive leads?
You are buying what online marketers consider a combination of media buy traffic, social media, and other paid forms of traffic targeted to the audiences in our demographic niches.
Why must my opt-in lead capture form be set to single opt-in?
When prospects first enter our own opt-in funnels, we already require a double opt-in confirmation from them to ensure the highest quality. In order to preserve this quality, and NOT have them remove themselves prematurely from our system, due to another opt-in confirmation in place, we require that no other confirmations be put in place. If we do find that you are using a double opt-in confirmation, we will not start a campaign for you until it is fixed.
Will you be providing me with a list of leads in a spreadsheet?
NO. This is not some co-registration program like you’ve seen out in the marketplace, where you don’t know if you’re actually getting real leads or fake leads. The leads you get through our traffic system will be sent DIRECTLY to your lead capture form (which you supply to us), will have come from an actual person who filled in your form, and asked for the information. This is called a direct warm referral. That’s why our traffic is so responsive… because it’s FRESH and it’s REAL-TIME!