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List Building Do’s and Don’t

I am going to be brutally honest with this post. Free sources of traffic work and collectively contribute, but to build a list that makes you money…you are going to have to spend money. The idea of this post is to give people some pointers and honest advice. First, don’t mess around with your autoresponder.…

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Remember the days when a list member was worth $1 per month?

Basically, if you had 10,000 list members you were making $10,000 a month. Nice number and everyone accepted that as a fact. To be honest this worked well and may still today for smaller “eclectic” list, but back in those days people knew the list owners like as trusted advisers. That was in 2009 and…

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The Reality of List Building

Somewhere along the way people seem to have missed out on the importance of list building and what a huge asset it is. I see this every day at Udimi. The emphasis is on a solo ad making money RIGHT NOW, and if it does not you had a bad experience. WOW is this ever…

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