List Building Do’s and Don’t

I am going to be brutally honest with this post. Free sources of traffic work and collectively contribute, but to build a list that makes you money…you are going to have to spend money. The idea of this post is to give people some pointers and honest advice.

  1. First, don’t mess around with your autoresponder. Get the best and then use it wisely… Here is my ADVICE:
  2. 1. Only use single optin. I know a lot of people preach that a confirmed list is better. Consider this: the guys with a big list are the ones making the most money. So, use unconfirmed or single opt in for your list building. Yes, you will get fake email addresses, but they will bounce and can be removed from your list automatically. Okay some troll will tell me I am WRONG for doing this. I hope they enjoy their 9-5 job.

2. Use Autoresponders and not broadcast…. HUH. Yup you can quickly lose your autoresponder account doing broadcast. First, they are delivered on poor quality servers and IP’s, second you will get more complaints. I just add new emails to my autoresponder sequence every day, and it will handle marketing for a product launch. ALSO, I do not care 1 bit about product launch contest. I have won dozens of them…Now I let my autoresponder do the job for me. I won’t send a broadcast out on your launch day. So now days, I just add emails sequences and let them run. Don’t let your ego or need for validation cost you your most important asset. Autoresponders don’t all go out at the same time, so most companies send them on their best servers and IP’s this means better delivery, more inboxes, clicks and profit. I get continuous income and I never worry about my autoresponder. Think I am full of it? I have been on this board since 2005 and I know a lot of millionaires that do nothing but set up their autoresponder and stuff it with leads. That’s my game now…after the leads goes through my sequence I import it into my solo ad system and then where them out.

3. Sorry to say this…don’t sell solo ads… I know I do, BUT I have my own ESP and I mail these from with a private domain, IP and system for mailing. Setting all this up took me years and I failed repeatedly! I have it down to a science now and I can deliver 10,000 clicks a day in solo ads with no fear of losing my autoresponder. If you have the same skills, then go for it make the money, but if not…. you will find out the hard way.

4. Don’t expect anything fantastic from solo ad vendors. My biggest customers are solo ad vendors, because they know I always have FRESH LEADS that are on no one’s list. Thus, they get great fresh leads from me. When you buy from one of these solo ad vendors… that guy sell his traffic to 10 other solo ad vendors and each lead is on the average of 20 guys solo ad list. They are pretty worked over and don’t buy much.

5. When you buy PPC traffic for your leads, guess what, ITS HARD AND EXPENSIVE AND YOU LOSE MONEY! Bummer huh. We have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a method to do syndicated media buys. Think is easy??? good luck. Point is, now we have learned how to syndicate our ads we can build huge list at the fraction of what it cost most people on a CPL or cost per lead basis. My partners and I do this as our business and we are very serious about it.

6. The best list you will ever own are the ones you build from product launches. If you can get people to promote for you … Well Kaching. You will have two list… Buyers and Everyone else. Treat the buyers like money…because they are. During some of my product launch’s in 2010-2013 I was adding 2000-5000 QUALITY leads every day. And I made serious money, more money promoting my buyers list then with the product launch itself. People still do this today, I DON’T, I HATE PRODUCT LAUNCHES. Yeah, I had several huge successes with product launches but the personal exposure and constant attacks from people make them not worth it. So now I build list and monetize them without launches.

Basically, you need at least 500 new leads a day to have the inertia it will take to make enough money to retire and live the fantasy. It is doable, I am doing it. Still I treat my affiliate business separate from my solo ad business. If you are simply looking for leads to go into your autoresponders and let the email sell for you then you can do okay. It’sc a lot easier and what I recommend for most people.

Important…manage your CPL, get a flow of leads and let your autoresponder do the work. You can always tweak the emails and add new ones in to keep you busy.

Good luck