Remember the days when a list member was worth $1 per month?

Basically, if you had 10,000 list members you were making $10,000 a month. Nice number and everyone accepted that as a fact. To be honest this worked well and may still today for smaller “eclectic” list, but back in those days people knew the list owners like as trusted advisers. That was in 2009 and it is no longer the case. Like all good things, everyone started building a list, MLM’s became popular, and spam is the norm. Relationships between list owner and list members has pretty much gone away.

What happened? It’s still just as hard and as expensive to build a list, but you don’t make as much money. Why? Honestly, greed, the desires to be anonymous, have a huge list, and solo ads.

Ask yourself. How do I build my list? Here is how I did it in the past. JUST A Sample…

Someone that opt’s in knows WHO I am, a bit about what I am like, and what they can expect from my emails. I became a known entity to my list members, and they trusted everything I said and recommended.

Compare that to this

Not mine by the way…. So WHO is this????

The emails are going to be from someone, but who? If you register on my page you know its Bill McRea and you are going to learn about making money. On the second optin form, you have NO idea who you are going to get emails from, and you have no expectation, accept for an easy way to make money that you are highly skeptical about. I bet you will ignore most emails just hit the spam button or unsubscribe. Okay so you need more to make it pay…on and on. Basically, you’ve gone from an email marketer to a spammer.

There is a big difference between getting emails from someone you know, and someone you don’t know, don’t respect, and you don’t even remember signing up.

The fact is that most leads are generated via anonymous web forms, and that’s okay. Just don’t expect the same results as if people really know who you are.

BTW I no longer do the “Guru” marketing game because it became too much of a burden, but boy did I ever make money back in the day. Now days I don’t even bother with optin forms, unless there is a product with my name being launched, and that’s been years.

The good news is, email marketing still is the best way to make money, but you must change your entire approach unless you are willing to be a name and a face. Trust me after a few big product launches being a name and a face seriously sucks. People you don’t know walk up to and say your name…it’s scary.

So, if you want to be anonymous you can still make HUGE money, you just need a lot of leads and great copy. So, what I am saying is…50 clicks will NOT make you rich, you are going to need a LOT of leads to make any real money.

At this point the metric you want to measure is the CPL or cost per lead. Lots of leads at low cost per lead followed with a high pressure (Hype driven) email copy works!   YUP, I agree it Sucks don’t it.

More… you will need a FLOW of consistent leads that are unique, FRESH and focused. You cannot do this with solo ads, but you CAN do it and its really very easy.

Let me give you some additional advice. Don’t do email broadcast or blast…that’s how you will lose your autoresponder account. If you sell Solo ads…you better find another way to do broadcast because sooner or later your AR’s will close your account down.  The best thing to do is set up a sequence of emails and then keep adding to it as you find new things to promote. Then stuff the front end with new leads every single day.

There are tons of millionaire affiliates that do nothing but build a funnel and stuff leads. I know a few that have 365-day email sequences…And they are still getting orders every day from email number 365. A friend of mine did a product launch in 2010 and he is still selling the same product TODAY in the same sales funnel doing nothing but stuffing leads into his system. 7 figure earner…You know his name, maybe, but I am not going to share it with you.

The key here is to get low cost ACTIVE LEADS! I will be sharing a lot about that soon.