Revolutionary Solution To List Building and Lead Generation

Active Leads Pro is a completely new and unique lead generation service.  We are media traffic buying group, and we are now offering a select few the opportunity to join our traffic buying group.  We utilize a proprietary software which solves our traffic syndication partners’ biggest problem… LOST TRAFFIC!

Their problem creates a tremendous opportunity for us that enables us to generate millions of leads in a variety of niches at a fraction of the cost.

Not only are we solving a problem for our traffic syndication partners, but we are also solving a problem for list builders, online lead generators and agencies who are buying tons of traffic from various traffic sources with no guarantee of lead opt-in conversion or lead responsiveness.

This problem becomes a very expensive problem for companies trying to generate leads and build their lists, because when you have fake leads, bad leads or non-performing leads in your email database, your cost per lead goes way up, decreasing your profit margins!

For example, if you are paying $0.50 per click for traffic, it would cost you $500 for 1000 clicks. If your landing page has an lead opt-in conversion rate of 30%, that means that you are generating 300 leads per 1000 clicks. Therefore, your cost per lead is $1.67. But out of those 300 leads, if you remove the unsubscribers and bad email addresses, then your cost per lead would go up!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know which traffic source can consistently guarantee you opt-in conversions, or keep your lead costs steady… UNTIL NOW!

Active Leads Pro only charges for performance, which allows our clients to know exactly what their lead cost is up-front, and pay only for a quality lead traffic campaign.

You only pay for the leads we generate for your traffic campaign. With traditional list building you would pay for the traffic (whether CPM or cost per click), and the cost you end up paying for each lead would totally depend on how well your traffic source and/or website landing page performs. This can only mean that for every campaign you run, your cost per lead can vary dramatically, plus you run the risk of getting the same leads as everyone else in your industry, who may have already seen the offer(s) you are promoting.

With Active Leads Pro you know your cost per lead on every order, and you know they are fresh, will be highly engaged and responsive in your email campaign and uniquely yours. Select the Get Started link above to discover how we can help you grow your business to any level you want.